Hnw Architects Reel Still Frame 16X9
Hnw Architects Reel Still Frame 1X1

Our work goes beyond what we make.
It is about what we make possible.

We began with a mission: to design buildings that leave a positive social legacy. Today, this is even more vital. We always set out to create beautiful, appropriate and sustainable architecture.
In the design phases HNW have been sensitive to the existing site, yet bold in design, providing beautifully contemporary buildings that complement the existing buildings that surround them.
William Baldwin, BHASVIC
HNW architects consistently produce work of the highest quality. They have an impressive ability to translate clients' visions into functional, sustainable and beautiful designs.
Leah Putman, Amiri
We now have a best in class design, future proofed for the foreseeable future and a striking design.
Property Director, Harwoods Group
I can honestly say that the experience of working with HNW was one of the best in my working career, and a benchmark that I will set for all future architectural partners.
Dale Parker, Willmott Dixon
We have worked with HNW on several projects, they are diligent, experienced architects who are both design orientated and commercially savvy.
Robert Reeds, Lambert Smith Hampton
HNW have worked collaboratively and diligently to offer a viable solution to a tricky site, which doesn't just address the logistical, technical and financial challenges but also delivers an unquestionably attractive scheme.
Anthony Probert, Adur & Worthing Councils