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Hnw Architects About Aldingbourne Slide

We design buildings that
leave a positive social legacy

About HNW
We began with a mission: to design buildings that leave a positive social legacy. Today, this is even more vital.

We always set out to create beautiful, appropriate and sustainable architecture. Because we know our work goes beyond what we make. It is about what we make possible. For our clients. For the people that use our buildings. And for our shared futures.
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HNW Architects was established over three decades ago in Chichester. Since then we have steadily grown and diversified our people and expertise, opening a second studio in Brighton & Hove. Today we’re a sustainable practice of over 40, operating as one collaborative team from two of the UK’s most exciting cities.
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Originally established by three partners; Harding, Neill and Watson, today HNW Architects is flourishing under the care of our five ambitious creative directors; Andy, Lee, Steve, Rosie and Gary.
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Our culture
Our team is the perfect size for building lasting relationships inside and out. It enables us to work collaboratively with our clients and to invest in the development and wellbeing of every member of our team.
HNW Architects have established an award-winning reputation over three decades. But it is our relentless curiosity, inventiveness and drive that keeps us at the forefront of our profession.
We consider the social impact of our work to be as important as its design. Our ambition is to leave every scheme with beautiful, appropriate and sustainable architecture.
We are committed to addressing the climate and biodiversity emergency. Our in-house sustainability experts and certified Passivhaus designers ensure sustainable design is ingrained in everything we do, in our own business and on our projects. As proud signatories of Architects Declare, our working targets exceed the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge.
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When it comes to sustainability, actions speak louder than words. We are dedicated to leaving a positive, lasting impact on our environment and society.
What our clients say
…crucially the overall impression is exactly as I originally imagined in my head – you’ve really brought the vision to life.
Dan Lodge, The College of Richard Collyer
One of the things we admire most about HNW is its passion for sustainability. They incorporate environmentally friendly materials and design strategies into all of their projects.
Leah Putman, Amiri
From the initiation of our accommodation masterplan through to the delivery of new buildings and outdoor space, HNW have provided the expertise and contacts to help us navigate funding bids and regulations as well as tender, contract and procurement processes.
William Baldwin, BHASVIC
Creative solutions were necessary to adapt the existing building – not an insignificant task – and produce an entirely different product. HNW have designed and delivered exactly that – such that the building has been re-purposed, adapted and modified to be virtually unrecognisable from the original construction.
Property Director, Harwoods Group
Thank you for listening so carefully to our thoughts on the vision and for helping us to create something very special.
Sue Cashmore-Thorley, Novuna