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Connecting Nature and Community

Lilliputs Park

Lilliputs Park
A visionary masterplan that preserves heritage and enhances biodiversity.

A strategic masterplan vision for the redevelopment of Lilliputs Park, Hornchurch, into a sustainable new community, including up to 480 homes, care and assisted living facilities, and community spaces. The proposals emphasise a landscape-led approach to development, preserving green spaces, enhancing biodiversity, and respecting the site's historic and listed buildings and natural features.
Hnw Architects Lilliputs Park Masterplan Aspirations
The masterplan stresses the importance of maintaining a close relationship between the new development and the surrounding natural environment, particularly the Ingrebourne River Valley. The proposed masterplan seeks to limit visual and landscape impacts, especially when viewed from across the river.

While the 50-hectare site sits within the Green Belt, the vision proposes an appropriate development that unifies the adjacent built settlement edges, creates a publicly accessible green buffer that maintains settlement separation and improves connectivity across the site while assisting to meeting housing supply deficiencies. The plan aims to minimise the impact on the Green Belt by positioning the development within existing built areas and former farm structures.
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The vision prioritises creating a sustainable community with high-quality design, pedestrian and cycle connectivity, and integration with adjacent neighbourhoods. The site is conveniently located with access to existing infrastructure, public transport, and amenities.

The sustainable movement strategy includes provisions for pedestrian and cycling paths, multiple vehicular entrances, and a potential Mobility Hub to encourage sustainable transport. The plan also emphasises respecting local heritage, enhancing green assets and incorporating ecological considerations, including the retention of woodlands, meadows, and hedgerows.
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Hnw Architects Lilliputs Park Street Sketch
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The masterplan also aspires to enhance biodiversity, drainage, and ecology, aiming for a net gain in green space and biodiversity. The vision promotes the creation of a new community connected to nature, with informal open spaces, playing fields, and outdoor recreational amenities.

The design sees the transformation of Lilliputs Park into a sustainable and well-connected community, emphasising environmental preservation, working with, and enhancing, existing heritage assets, and promoting health and well-being.
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