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Transforming a private golf course into a visionary sustainable garden community

Scotts Park

Scotts Park
Our vision for Scotts Park will see a former 18-hole golf course transformed into an exemplar sustainable garden community, providing high quality homes, workspaces and leisure facilities that foster health and well-being in the heart of North Bushey, close to central Watford.
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Hnw Architects Bushey Masterplan Principles
This model masterplan comprises nearly 500 new homes, assisted living provision and a community hub. The designs will open up previously private land for public use, improve connectivity, and promote walking and cycling between adjacent neighbourhoods.

The 41 hectare privately owned golf course, which ceased operating in 2019, has been reimagined to accommodate a new 9-hole course together with the creation of a new neighbourhood. The masterplan maintains open landscape buffers between settlements, retains green assets and connects adjacent neighbouring areas.
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The new development will build a close relationship with the natural environment. Existing streams, mature trees and woodland will be conserved to provide both an attractive setting and functional purpose. Biodiversity will be increased, weaving strands of woodland, water and meadow through the site and define the edges of the settlement. Not only will this give the development its own unique character, it will also provide a sense of place and give residents a strong connection to nature. An uplifting green environment will support residents through every stage of life, positively influencing behaviour and promoting healthy lifestyles within a walkable neighbourhood.

The masterplan will deliver a new zero carbon eco-development that addresses the pressing need for high-quality housing, including a range of housing typologies from self-build, to family homes, through to a variety of 3rd age provision.

The existing golf use will be retained and enhanced with a range of additional leisure activities, building upon its existing association with sport and recreation.
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Scotts Park is conveniently located within easy reach of existing infrastructure and in a highly sustainable location. Bordered by trainlines and four accessible train stations to the west, as well as the M1 and A41 to the north, the site is also well served by bus routes and surrounding cycle and pedestrian routes.

The new sustainable community aspires to achieve the highest levels of accreditation, an exemplar ‘net-zero’ eco community. The housing will meet the Home Quality Mark (HQM) standards, to a minimum of a 4-star rating, which reflects the highest standards of quality, running costs, health and well-being, and environmental impact. The Community Centre will target BREEAM Excellent with aspirations for an Outstanding rating to demonstrate its sustainable performance.

The development plans include the establishment of a Scotts Park Settlement Trust, dedicated to the long-term stewardship for the settlement. Scotts Park, named after the protected Scotts Wood, will be a desirable place where people will choose to live and create a cohesive, successful community, a truly sustainable destination.
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