Hnw Architects Focus House Railway External
Hnw Architects Focus House Railway External Square

Flagship office space

Focus House

Focus House
HNW Architects have transformed a former car park to create cutting-edge office space for Adur District Council.

The 2,800m2 of prime office space over four floors at the Gateway to Shoreham were created as a strategic commercial investment for the Council to meet the need for the town to offer new, modern, office accommodation.
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Hnw Architects Focus House Railway External2
The former Adur Civic Centre Car Park on Ham Road was a restricted and constrained site. Early engagement and consultation with robust feasibility studies and flexible approach to optioneering enabled the full potential of the site to be understood and realised by the client.

The cores and office floorplates were designed to meet the latest British Council for Offices (BCO) specifications ensuring that a prime-office product was achieved. The Cat-A(+) office layouts were designed with versatility in mind, enabling seamless conversion from multiple tenants to a single occupier if required.
Hnw Architects Focus House Internal Floor Plate 16X9
Hnw Architects Focus House Internal Office 16X9
Hnw Architects Focus House Meeting Room 16X9
The simplicity of the building’s form is complemented by a carefully selected material palette and a repeating window module, creating visual interest while remaining cost-effective. This approach not only positioned the building as a flagship office but also aligned with the Client’s identified budget.

Sustainability and innovation were paramount considerations for the project and the Client. A number of sustainable features were incorporated, including the use of, locally generated energy, use of low carbon technologies, and water efficiency measures. The design also supports the objective of achieving a net biodiversity gain. The main roof was also utilised to house photovoltaic panels, contributing to a balanced energy use strategy.