Hnw Architects Lcp St Pauls House Kitchen
Hnw Architects Lcp St Pauls House Kitchen Square

Embracing the bright and the bold

St Paul's House

St Paul's House
The transformative retrofit of an existing office in central Winchester, adapting to the evolving dynamics of the modern workplace for Lane Clark & Peacock.
Hnw Architects Lcp St Pauls House Conference Room
Hnw Architects Lcp St Pauls House Meeting Room
Hnw Architects Lcp St Pauls House Seating Area
Hnw Architects Lcp St Pauls House Quiet Pods
HNW worked collaboratively to design the end-user Cat-B fit-out proposals of a recently extended ‘base-build’ office development. This approach allowed the team to embrace a changing workplace culture through a variety of engaging working environments.

The finished result is 2,650m2 of high-quality office space over three floors with access to a roof terrace and spectacular views across Winchester, a prime place to work and an ideal setting for a productive and inspiring work environment.
Hnw Architects Lcp St Pauls House Office Area
Hnw Architects Lcp St Pauls House Corridor
The project’s original brief was multi-faceted, requiring a bold concept to achieve the project aims and accommodate a range of functional needs centred around process and task demands. To meet these requirements, the proposals were underpinned by a detailed space utilisation review. This review not only informed and enabled meaningful design decisions but also facilitated overall improvements in occupancy and space utilisation, resulting in a new spacious and relaxed workplace solution.

HNW were involved from inception to completion in developing and realising the fit-out concept and strategy. New ways of working were ‘tested’ amongst the existing office staff with a view to gaining group ‘buy-in’ to move towards a more flexible, open plan working environment. The high-quality office design not only aims to attract but also retain staff, recognising the vital role the workplace environment plays in the overall employee experience.

This innovative fitout has given Lane Clark & Peacock an ideal environment to embrace the new and emerging ways of working, not only meeting the needs of today but also anticipating the demands of the future.