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Wates Group

Wates Group
The design philosophy behind the creation of a forward-thinking office environment.

With cultural change, investment in people and wellness in mind, this series of office fit outs for the Wates Group promotes adaptability to hybrid work models and creates a workspace that supports collaboration and productivity while being environmentally conscious.

Tasked with creating an inspiring, modern, safe and smart environment that promotes a sense of calm and belonging, our objective was to develop a forward-thinking office design, that will continue to evolve with the new needs and expectations of its people, customers and visitors, adapting to a flexible work mode which blends physical and digital connectivity.

The pandemic accelerated the transformation of our relationship with workplace environments, offering an opportunity to pause and reflect on work styles and the factors influencing our behaviour, productivity and wellbeing – namely environmental, emotional, sociological, physiological and psychological. We sought to influence and manipulate environmental stimuli to cultivate conditions conductive to collaboration and innovation.
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Colour psychology has played an important role in this series of projects. Our use of colour aimed to positively influence behaviour, wellness and longevity. The predominance of green, is synonymous with balance and creates a relaxed atmosphere with leafy greens that are complemented by earth tones and walnut wood accents for reassurance, grounding and calm. Uplifting aqua tones and darker teals were strategically employed to enhance concentration and communication. Biophilic design elements were integrated with corporate branding to foster a strong sense of identity and community, encouraging teamwork in a distinctive environment tailored to hybrid working.
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Sustainability played a crucial role in material selection, with an emphasis on durability, ease of maintenance, and recycled content. The office's finishes were chosen with sustainability in mind, contributing to a significant reduction in carbon emissions. Based on the floor design and specification, the design of one office has avoided approximately 7 metric tonnes in carbon emissions which equate to the carbon sequestered by 9 acres of forest.