Hnw Architects Novuma Interior Panoramic View
Hnw Architects Novuma Interior Panoramic View Square

A bold transformation promoting sustainability and team belonging

Novuna Vehicle Solutions

Novuna Vehicle Solutions
Celebrating a new corporate brand whilst embracing the changing office dynamic in an ambitious, sensitive and sustainable way.

Novuna’s Newbury Category B office fit-out is an ambitious, distinctive, and bold transformation of the working environment. It embraces the evolving dynamics of workplace norms, adapts to modern styles of working and enhances a sense of belonging for its team.

A notable feature of this project is the creation of a Japanese Garden-influenced biophilic office, aligning with the client’s commitment to decarbonisation, sustainability, and a Customer First approach. The design seamlessly balances nature-inspired textures with the corporate identity. Covering 1780sqm over a storey and a half, accommodating 330 staff, the scheme combines traditional task seating with agile working and multifunctional spaces to facilitate hybrid working.
Hnw Architects Novuma Interior Timber Arch
Biophilic design is embraced through indoor planting, low VOCs, natural lighting and nature-inspired textures and imagery. The carefully selected colour palette and shades, grounded in principles of colour theory and psychology, create balance, energising and soothing, fostering creativity and encouraging communication and teamwork, while promoting the new brand.

Throughout the re-branding process, proposals focused on creating a fun and thought-provoking working environment. Drawing on urban design principles, an indoor ‘workplace’ plaza was created, with ‘avenues’ lined by trees and subtle floor finish changes to guide movement or retreat. We also incorporated Japanese Garden motifs (hide/reveal, asymmetry) as an ode to Novuna’s heritage.

Architectural ‘devices’ such as pergolas, the centrepiece tiered seating, and planters effectively divide the open plan office, striking a balance between privacy with capturing attention as a focal point. Timber screens assist with zoning and creating ‘ZEN gardens’ for individual retreat booths.
Hnw Architects Novuma Interior Seating Area
Hnw Architects Novuma Interior Breakout Area
A commitment to sustainability is evident through sustainably sourced timber, carbon-neutral carpets with zero VOCs, and LED lighting, PIR sensors and timer controls aim at reducing the building’s environmental impact. IT infrastructure from previous offices was reused, wherever possible, and legacy furniture was either incorporated into the design, restored, donated or recycled; new furniture features recycled fabrics.

Notably, the large conference room located on the first floor features seating upholstered in the Oceanic fabric from Camira, which is designed to combat marine plastic pollution by using plastic sourced entirely from landfills or debris discarded in our seas.
Hnw Architects Novuma Interior Meeting Room
Hnw Architects Novuma Interior Meeting Booth
Hnw Architects Novuma Interior Conference Area
Hnw Architects Novuma Interior Breakout Area
Hnw Architects Novuma Interior Seating Arch