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Strength in collaboration

University of Portsmouth

University of Portsmouth
HNW Architects’ collaboration with the University of Portsmouth continues to go from strength to strength with a number of projects progressing across the University campus:
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Medical Education Centre (MedEd):
The former Centre for Advanced Simulation in Healthcare is undergoing a remarkable transformation within the Rosalind Franklin Building. Having carefully considered concepts captured here, we're creating a soothing environment for students with demanding academic schedules.
Hnw Architects Photography Original
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School of Photography:
Within the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, the School of Photography is getting a fresh, bold, look that places the art of photography at its heart, turning analogue photography inside out, hello to digital!
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Café Coco:
This 19th-century locally listed building is getting a new lease on life. We're preserving its character with warm terracotta tones, creating a space that's a true repository for memory.
Hnw Architects Anglesea Original
Anglesea Coffee:
Located in the central thoroughfare of the Anglesea Building, Anglesea Coffee is getting a modern, art deco-inspired makeover with a contemporary twist.
These projects merge our experience, knowledge and creativity in interior design, education, healthcare and retail sectors, demonstrating our versatility and commitment to our clients.